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  • Lessons from the Birds

      A few months ago, my 7 year old daughter called to me from her bedroom. I could tell she was excited before I even went in, but when I saw her f...
  • How to Embrace Rainy Day Play

    Yesterday morning I sat at my desk watching the kookaburras and the magpies forage in the grass - the incessant rain having bought worms to the surface. And then I spotted her. A child of about three stepped across the soggy grass, her gumboots squelching, toward the birds.
  • 5 Practical Ways to Support Mud Play

    Sometimes I hear from educators that mud play is too much work, that the inevitable clean-up is too hard, that the time spent is too long. But I have to ask the question - what else are we doing that is more important?
  • Return, and Return Again: How Revisiting Natural Spaces Benefits Children

    What does it mean to return to the same natural spaces again and again with children? How does it benefit them, and the big question - won't they get bored?
  • 4 Ways to Support Barefoot Play

    I spend a lot of time barefoot. I am barefoot indoors, I am barefoot outdoors, and I prefer to drive with barefeet. This explains how one morning,...
  • From Gaming to Games: 4 Ways to Spark Imaginative Play for School Aged Children

      ** This post was originally written in 2019 and has been updated and resposted ** Two boys arrive at our TimberNook program full of stories of o...
  • Lessons In Nature

      Right now, in Lake Macquarie, we are in lockdown. As I write this, it is day 6 of 7 (although there is the strong possibility that it won't all ...