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  • Teddies, Dummies and a Pair of Silky Pyjamas: The Importance of Security Items

    Many children have comfort items and in fact, so do some adults. There are adults who take a favourite pillow when they travel, or wear a bracelet that makes them feel connected to a loved one. We do these things because they help us to feel safe, to feel secure, to feel at home.
  • Birth, Zero, Nought... does it matter what we call our littlest ones?

    Have you ever said "I work in the nought to two room" or "she's in the zero to three room"? You wouldn't be alone if you had. When I first did my training back in the early 2000's, this was a pretty common way to phrase it. And yet, what does that term say about our image of the child? 
  • How to Embrace Rainy Day Play

    Yesterday morning I sat at my desk watching the kookaburras and the magpies forage in the grass - the incessant rain having bought worms to the surface. And then I spotted her. A child of about three stepped across the soggy grass, her gumboots squelching, toward the birds.
  • The Ultimate Trust. The Ultimate Privilege. The Ultimate Responsibility.

    A small sticky hand slides into mine. I know that if his mama were here, it would slide into hers.  Laughter erupts as I tickle her belly. I know ...
  • 5 Practical Ways to Support Mud Play

    Sometimes I hear from educators that mud play is too much work, that the inevitable clean-up is too hard, that the time spent is too long. But I have to ask the question - what else are we doing that is more important?
  • Embracing Infectious Joy

      I was sitting at the traffic lights when he caught my eye. He stood there, with his dog, waiting to cross the road. Headphones in ears, leash in...
  • Return, and Return Again: How Revisiting Natural Spaces Benefits Children

    What does it mean to return to the same natural spaces again and again with children? How does it benefit them, and the big question - won't they get bored?
  • Making the Most of Team Meetings

    "People aren't washing up their own lunch dishes"  "The laundry door needs a new handle - should we get a round one or a different type" (cue 9 min...
  • Should we put a stop to end of year gifting?

      Well, it's that time of year again. Things are winding down, and the end of year gifts are ramping up. This is the time of year where see some v...
  • 5 Myths About Infant Outdoor Environments

      I remember one of the first services I ever visited as a young student. I headed on into the infant room and was overwhelmed by toys and swings ...
  • I can do it!

    This post was originally published on our blog in 2017, and has been revised and republished for you to enjoy!   A few weeks ago I watched my young...
  • 4 Ways to Support Barefoot Play

    I spend a lot of time barefoot. I am barefoot indoors, I am barefoot outdoors, and I prefer to drive with barefeet. This explains how one morning,...