BOOK REVIEW: Kitty and I - By Karyn Connors

I'm starting something new... book reviews! As an avid book lover, who is often asked for recommendations, I thought this would be a great way to share my thoughts on various books that we stock at Inspired EC. 


Whenever we receive a book written by someone in the early childhood sector, I feel pretty confident that it will be a winner, and this one didn't disappoint. 

What's it about? 

This simple, yet beautiful story is written from the perspective of an assistance dog - Raffy. The dog tells of how he was chosen, and how he spent time learning to "read" his new human - Kitty. We soon learn that Kitty has anxiety and that Raffy goes everywhere with Kitty, supporting her to feel safe in the world. 

Who would like it? 

The words are simple enough for all ages to understand, however the conversations that would come up when sharing with children who were preschool or school aged, would be rich in nature. For children who experience anxiety, it may give words to something that they have not yet been able to. For children who are nervous or unsure around animals, they may find reassurance in the story being told from a dogs perspective. 

What are the illustrations like? 

Beautiful, magical, colourful, vibrant! See for yourself...

Final Thoughts

This book is on the pricier side, however it is quite a large book (makes reading to a group even easier!) and has a strong hard cover. The vivid illustrations and lovely words makes it worth it. It would be a great conversation starter with children!

You can get your copy HERE


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