Your Wild Imagination

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Your Wild Imagination nature play activity book is beautiful, practical and easy to use. You’ll notice there are way more pictures than words. Stunning images with simple instructions. Leaving lots of room for your imagination to flow!

You can expect to see 20 nature play activities including:

 * Flower crowns
* Fabric printing
*  Wood whittling
* Pocket press
* Nature animals and aliens
* Magic potions
* Nature masks
* Mud cakes
* Ice excavating
* Nature paintbrushes and more! 

It’s best suited to children aged 2-10 years, but anyone who would like more nature and more play in their lives would enjoy it. So, if you’d like more green time and less screen time, then this book is for you.

Product Details: 

Published: October 2019

ISBN: 9780648661801

Format: Hardback 

Pages: 120

Size: 16cm x 24cm