Understanding Schema - Inspiration and Discussion Cards

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Do you find yourself wondering why children do the things they do? Perhaps you feel like you are forever stopping children from throwing toys or jumping off the furniture? 

This set of high gloss, photo quality cards come on a ring (just like our Nature Cards) and are a must for any service! The main card outlines the origins and importance of schematic behaviour in children's play and the remaining cards include beautiful images, explanations of some of the common schema (listed below) and intentional teaching strategies. 
- Positioning
- Trajectory
- Enveloping
- Connection
- Rotation
- Enclosure
- Orientation
- Transformation
- Transporting
- Going through a boundary

These cards have been developed in collaboration with Rebecca Thompson of Stone and Sprocket


Customer Reviews

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margaret phillips
schema cards

These cards are easy to read, very practical and a great resource to keep close by in the room

Glad to hear that you are finding them useful Margaret!

Kristine Whitworth
Great Resource to help children enjoy their day

meets the needs for children to explore, discover and expand their interests.

Glad to hear that you are finding them useful Kristine!

Tracey Wood

A great resource.

Thanks Tracey!

Corina Seeman
The Schema inspiration and discussion cards.

These durable and compact pack of cards are so perfectly convenient. Easy to understand, visually appealing and up to date more modern theorist have been included. Thank you for another great resource.

Thanks so much Corina!