Thinkers & Theorists Inspiration and Discussion Cards (Birth-2)

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We are delighted to release the next set of Inspiration and Discussion Cards - Thinkers and Theorists (Birth - 2) 

Our Inspiration and Discussion Card sets have become a very popular resource for services, due to their highly visual appeal and their simple, informative format that encourages reflection.

Discovering theorists and thinkers that connect with your philosophy helps to strengthen or challenge your thinking and practice. This reflection is so valuable and one of our strongest tools as an educator. 

We have created these cards to inspire discussion, thought and reflection. You may be drawn to a particular theorist, whose philosophies inform and guide your work. These cards encourage you to seek deeper and wider understandings of a number of key theorists and perspectives, enabling you to act in a more informed way when delivering, or reflecting on, your program.

You will receive a set of 9, high quality gloss cards which are ring bound for durability and ease of use


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