Sustainability In Action by Sally Sneddon and Anne Pettit

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Sustainability has a very natural and exciting place in early childhood education and care, and this is reflected in its inclusion in the Early Years Learning Framework and National Quality Standard. This book will help educators to incorporate sustainability learning and practices in their settings, and support them to model and engage young children in day-to-day sustainability.

  • Chapters 1 to 3 introduce sustainability and show how it can easily be embedded in early childhood settings through curriculum and pedagogy.
  • Chapters 4 and 5 explore ten important aspects of sustainability to provide a valuable foundation for the many actions that are suggested and for others that readers will come up with themselves.
  • Chapter 6 offers ways to involve everyone in a setting, whether taking first steps in sustainability or building upon current practices, with interest and enthusiasm for making it ‘just the way we do things’ every day.
The book will assist educators, managers and coordinators in all kinds of education and care settings for young children, including childcare centres, family day care, preschools and kindergartens to meet and exceed the requirements of the EYLF and NQS to embed sustainability. It will also be a very valuable resource for lecturers in tertiary institutions, pre-service teachers, out of school hours care providers, playgroups and parents.
Sally Sneddon and Anne Pettit have many years experience in providing environmental and sustainability education services. Sally has worked with a range of organisations to deliver education and conservation programs for all ages, including the Little Green Steps early years sustainability program in Western Australia. Anne has a consultancy specialising in community-based education and support for waste minimization, environmental conservation and sustainable living.
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