Mean Eric by Candy Lawrence

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Zac has a problem. If he doesn’t do whatever Mean Eric tells him, Eric points at his black skin and calls him dirty. But when Zac’s told to pick on his friend Becky, he has to think again. Will he be able to stop himself turning into a mean kid like Eric? Fortunately Zac’s dad is paying attention. He helps Zac take control. It’s scary to stand up to Eric – but when he does, an unexpected ally comes to Zac’s aid.

Bullying has become the scourge of our society, and there are no easy answers – but we have to talk about it. This engaging story written from a child’s perspective helps adults to open a conversation with small children about responding to mean behaviour, building self esteem and being an ally when they see another child being bullied. The accompanying digital handbook gives parents and carers ideas for activities, evidence to support the suggested strategies, research-based advice on responding to bullying incidents and links to further reading.

Product Details:

Published: November 2018

ISBN: 9781644676110

Format: Paperback 

Pages: 32