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Fascination of Earth - Wood Whittling

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This series provides an insight into the knowledge you require to facilitate learning occurring in outdoor environments, taking the natural elements as a guide.

Simple, clear and easy to use for anyone working with children from 3 – 11 years old.

Chapter 1
What is Whittling?

Chapter 2
Case Studies with Anaylsis and Possible Lines of Development
i) Consulting Children
ii) Whittling Wood 2 – 6 years Making Stick People and Making Pencils
iii) Whittling Wood 7 – 11 year Measuring Sticks and Making Photo Frames

Chapter 3
Curricular Links Overview Plan Concept, Knowledge, Skills

Chapter 4
Developing Skills How to run a whittling session.
How to make stick people 
How to make a wooden spoon

Chapter 5
Benefit Risk Assessment Summary


Product Details

Author: Claire Warden

Size: 210x148mm

Format: Paperback

Pages: 50