Environmental Sustainability Inspiration and Discussion Cards

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These cards have been developed with Kate Newman who has vast experience in the environmental sustainability field as a researcher, CSIRO Volunteer, nature play workshop facilitator and more! 

Sustainability has become a key part of early childhood programs in recent years, however while many services are effectively recycling and reusing, we really need to bring the focus back to "reducing". When we educate ourselves, we are better able to support children to gain an understanding of the world around them and their impact on it. Starting environmental education at a very young age helps to build lifelong awareness and habits. 

Product Details:

This set of 6 cards features underpinning knowledge about environmental sustainability, with particular focus on:
> Water
> Soil
> Biodiversity
> Energy and Waste
> Transport

Each card will feature:
> Information
> Ideas and considerations for early childhood services
> Things to ponder with children
> Resources
> Websites and Organisations
> Books
> High quality photographs

Set of 8 high quality wipe clean colour cards approx 10cm x 12cm, ring bound.


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