Cunning Crow by Gregg Dreise

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Another stunningly beautiful book, Cunning Crow tells us to be proud of ourselves and our differences. It also discusses the removal of stones from Sacred Sites which is an important conversation for ALL Australians. 

Way back, before once-upon-a-time, there was the Dreamtime when all the birds were white. One of those white birds was a crow called Waan.

One day a big storm came through and a magnificent rainbow appeared. When the birds passed through the rainbow, one by one, their feathers took on its beautiful colours.

Waan flew through the rainbow too and his feathers became a beautiful red and orange. But Waan was jealous of the other birds. He wanted to be more beautifully coloured than anyone. So Waan hatched a cunning plan.

Product Details:

Published: October 2019

ISBN: 9781925768862

Format: Hardback 

Pages: 32