A Sense of Wonder - Science in early childhood education

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A Sense of Wonder explores the possibilities for experiencing science in early childhood settings, together with practical ideas to inspire early childhood educators and pre-service students.

The book outlines an early childhood science framework divided into four learning areas: biological science, physical science, earth science and environmental science. The framework also includes the science learning areas identified in the Australian Curriculum for Primary School: biological science, physical science, chemical science, and earth and space science.

Valuable connections are made from the areas of science to the 5 principles, 8 aspects of practice and 5 learning outcomes of the Early Years Learning Framework. During early childhood science learning, young children are seen as confident, capable, involved learners, eager to observe and explore the world around them. This can be supported by creating an inquiry approach within a play-based program that promotes positive dispositions for science learning.

Although the information is theory based, this is a practical book which is easy to read. Each chapter includes carefully chosen images to make visual connections to play-based science learning and the Early Years Learning Framework, to empower educators to confidently implement science with all age groups in early childhood settings.


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Author: Jenny Aitken, Jan Hunt, Elizabeth Roy, Bess Sajfar

Size: 300x210mm

Format: Paperback