LIMITED - 2022 Reflective Journal VIP Pack - July to December

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July to December 2022 Reflective Journal VIP Pack - Open now to order. 

    This year we wanted to do something a little different, something extra, something VIP! 

    So, we have created a LIMITED number of VIP Reflective Journal Packs. What does that mean? What do you get? Why would you want it?? 

    The VIP Pack Includes: 

    1. A Reflective Journal of your choice (we recommend checking the individual listings of the journals to see the content of each journal before selecting your VIP pack variant) valued at $53
    2. A custom book strap. These stunning straps (in Inspired EC green!), custom-made by Shannon at Typo Flora, are a great way to keep your journal together - particularly if you have a habit of slipping loose notes in it - and hold your pen! 
    3. An Inspired EC Ecopen. These pens are brilliant! They use 89% less plastic than a regular pen and are compostable (paper body) and recyclable (ink tube and nib). They feature non-toxic, water-based black ink and FSC Certified paper. 
      Once your Ecopen is finished, simply snap it in half and separate the plastic ink tube and metal nib from the paper. Place paper body in the compost or recycling bin, and the ink tube and metal nib in the recycling bin!
    4. Reflective Practice Online Course. You will receive a card in your VIP pack with details on how to access your self-paced online course, in our Inspired Learning Community.  It is crucial, as professionals, that we are able to critically reflect, not only on our programs, but our practices, pedagogy, and environments.

       But, reflective practice is more than just asking and answering questions - it should be a practice that we engage in not because we have to, but because it enhances our thinking and our ways of working with children. Educators will gain a deeper understanding of the value of reflective practice, and strategies to make it a daily part of their role. This course is valued at $37! 

    5. Pouch of Herbal Tea. We have sourced some amazing herbal tea from a local small business Toil and Trouble Teas (an important value for us) and have selected two tea types that we think will be just perfect for early childhood professionals - "Immuni-tea" and "Calm your Farm". You can make yourself a tea, pop outside in the sunshine and write in your reflective journal - sounds pretty perfect right?

    6. Reusable Muslin tea bag. Again, this is something we have sourced from Toil and Trouble and aligns beautifully with our sustainability values. 


    Why get the VIP pack? 

    This pack is for those seeking a little something "extra"! And... those who love good value. Valued at over $100, this pack really delivers!


    Your VIP Pack will be lovingly packed in our Lake Macquarie office, in sustainable packaging. 

    Please note that stocks are strictly limited



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