Professional Learning

Inspired EC was established in 2008 by "professional soulmates" Tash Treveton and Nicole Halton. With over 18 years each in the early childhood sector, Nic and Tash have an abundance of experience, stories and wisdom to share.

With an attitude of growth, fun and connection, Inspired EC has evolved into an organization that works closely with educators and services around Australia and internationally, providing training, resources, consultancy services and much more.

We love being able to offer a wide range of workshops and events - both in person and online! We are constantly working on providing courses, interviews, discussions and more, featuring our passionate Inspired EC Team and other amazing thinkers from all over the globe. 

Here is how we can support you:

In-house training on a variety of topics - you choose the topic and we come to you!

An in-house training session is a great way to get your whole team or organization on the same page. 

After many years working with early childhood services, we have recognized that educators and services experience the best long-term outcomes when our support extends beyond the typical two hour training session. We love visiting services and working with a whole team on a range of topics. We can join team meetings, run an evening session, a Saturday morning, a professional development day or mini conference.

You select a topic from our extensive topic list (we are also able to customize sessions on other topics) then we will work with you to secure a date and time with one of our amazing trainers!

We will facilitate an ongoing discussion between you and our trainer enabling them to gain clarity on your goals for the training, your specific needs within your team and your big vision.


Live Online Sessions presented by our team, and a range of guest hosts

An online webinar training session is a great way to quickly gain inspiration and knowledge on a specific topic and from an experienced trainer.

We recognize that it can be difficult to get all of our educators and services to dedicate the time for a meeting or conference and want to ensure that you are still able to access our support beyond the typical two hour training session.

We will explore a range of practical strategies and consider important developmental theory and research that shapes the way in which we support children.

All participants will have the ability to have their reflections personally responded to by one of our course facilitators.


Public Events

Connection is central to who we are and so Inspired EC is beyond excited to be back on the circuit attending conferences, markets and other events back in the community.

Public events are a great opportunity to come together and connect, be inspired and grow your skills and knowledge.


Online courses

There is nothing quite like getting together and discussing, reflecting and growing. Doing that in an online space is not easy, but through personalized responses from our consultants, participants in our online courses will feel the support of a community of learners.

We offer a range of Memberships, Mini courses, Larger courses and opportunities in collaboration with experts in the community, Webinar recordings and Community Challenges.

Over the last few years, our schedules have become busier and busier. We have travelled all over Australia as well as to New Zealand, The UK, The USA and Asia. While we love visiting services, we recognize that it is simply not possible to effectively support everyone - particularly those in rural and remote locations. By making training accessible, and personal, in our online learning community, we know that we will be able to connect with even more educators in meaningful ways.