Welcome to Inspired EC

With an attitude of growth, fun and connection, Inspired EC has evolved into an organisation that works closely with educators and services around Australia and internationally, providing training, resources, consultancy services and much more.


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How can we support you?

We absolutely love working with educators and services around Australia and Internationally.

We have over 18 years experience in the early childhood sector in the following roles: 

  • Educator
  • Educational Leader
  • Nominated Supervisor
  • Approved Provider (Inspired FDC) 
  • Approved Provider (Inspired OSHC)

All of our support is customised to suit the unique context of your service. We look forward to working with you.


Coaching in Context

It's one thing to come along to a training session, take in the information and go back to your service and attempt to put it into practice. It's quite another to to have an experienced consultant work with your team in their own environment, observing their practice and providing meaningful feedback and support 'in the moment.' Coaching in Context is a great way to strengthen the skills, knowledge and practice of yourself or your educators.

1:1 Educational Leader Mentoring

Being the educational leader should be an exciting opportunity - you have the chance to mentor others, provide pedagogical guidance for the service and be totally awesome and inspirational! Sometimes though, that isn't quite the case. You might be new to the role and feel uncertain or overwhelmed. You may have been in the role for several years and need to reignite your love for it. Either way - we can help! Through 1:1 mentoring, we can work through your challenges and help you find the joy in your role. This may take the form of face to face or online support and may be one off or on an ongoing basis.


1:1 Nominated Supervisor Mentoring

We know that being a nominated supervisor isn't always easy. The to-do list is a million miles long, the policy and compliance matters are always demanding your attention, and somewhere among all that, you are trying to be a visionary, inspiring leader. Luckily, we have been there! Whether you are brand new to the role or have been doing it for a long time, we can help. Our support is 100% customised to suit you. It may include face to face visits, online coaching via Zoom, email support or more focussed support with a specific project or problem. Our aim is to work with you to build your skills and overcome the challenges, not to 'fix' the problem for you. This is where meaningful growth as a leader occurs.

When Nicole suddenly found herself in the role of Nominated Supervisor at the age of 21, she had no idea what she was in for! It was a complete "sink or swim" experience. While in her position for seven years, she discovered what worked and what didn't, went through many ups and downs, and now loves to share this knowledge and experience to support other Nominated Supervisors!

Are you a new nominated supervisor? Or perhaps and experienced one who just needs a refocus?

In this 1:1 mentoring session, you will:

  • Connect with  experienced Nominated Supervisor and Inspired EC Co-founder, Nicole Halton
  • Discuss your role, your strengths, challenges and vision
  • Explore practical strategies and ideas that you can implement