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With an attitude of growth, fun and connection, Inspired EC has evolved into an organisation that works closely with educators and services around Australia and internationally, providing training, resources, consultancy services and much more.

Online Memberships

You can view our range of Online Memberships HERE


One-off professional learning can be amazing, but if you really want to maintain momentum and be inspired month after month...memberships are where it's at!


What are the benefits of a membership?

Attending a one-off training session or conference is great, but often once the event is over we move on to the next thing, or get dragged back into our work quicker than you can say "how good was that keynote speaker?"

Instead, we can offer you the opportunity to engage in monthly training and access a hub of information, resources and support, ensuring that you gain momentum in your role.

With our recurring monthly payment option, your membership will be maintained for as long as you need, with the option to cancel at any time (we get it - not everyone stays in their role forever!)


From "In Writing" to Inspired - The Educational Leaders Membership

An ongoing membership for educational leaders to gain support, inspiration and connection. 

$37.00 per month

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Home Is Where The Care Is

An inspiring ongoing membership specifically for family day care and home-based educators.

$15.00 per month

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