Inspired Family Day Care

The Inspired FDC Story

In 2013, our Inspired EC co-founders Tash and Nicole, were presenting a workshop on risky play at a conference. The audience of Family Day Care educators loved the content of the workshop, but their number one comment - our scheme won't let us do that. While Tash and Nic's initial response was 'pester your scheme!' (with the knowledge and research to back you up, of course!), the question came at them 'why don't you start a family day care scheme?' It wasn't the first time that someone had suggested this, and it wouldn't be the last.

Tash and Nic reflected on what it could look like to develop a family day care service that was committed to supporting educators to explore their natural environments and communities, to encourage healthy risk taking, and to embrace the uniqueness of each educator, home and community. In 2014 - Inspired Family Day Care was born and the team couldn't be prouder of what has been created.

We now have educators in NSW, QLD, ACT and VIC, with hundreds of children reaping the benefits of a magical childhood.








Small Joys FDC (ACT)                          Little Adventurers FDC (QLD)


About our Team

We have an amazing team of mentors and administration staff who support our educators and work with the families to ensure that the early education and care experience is a positive one. 

  • Operations Manager - Emma Cornwall
  • NSW Nominated Supervisor - Lauren Jackson
  • NSW Mentor - Tash King
  • QLD Nominated Supervisor - Tara Davidson
  • QLD Mentor - Caroline Atkinson
  • QLD Mentor - Kirsten Perry
  • VIC Nominated Supervisor - Janina Sharer
  • VIC Mentor - Carol Booth
  • ACT Nominated Supervisor - Emma Cornwall
  • Administration/Accounts Manager - Alison Morris
  • Administration/Accounts Support - Anna Blackwell, Julie Smith