Who does play belong to?

One of the things we hear a lot from new families who come to visit, is that there is so much to do children don't know where to start!

At TimberNook we are passionate about children exploring our natural environment independently. There is access to natural resources, including mud and this can be freely explored by the children. We work to ensure that children are not rushed/pushed/hurried into experiences. We provide children the time and space to join in with experiences when they feel ready and comfortable.


But without adult guidance this can be intimidating, so how do we support children who are more hesitant?

During your visit at TimberNook we encourage you to be present with your child, support their play and explorations. Encourage effort - it might not always go to plan, but it's always great to have a go. We want to encourage children to try new things, to challenge themselves, and not to feel that they "failed" if it they didn't get it the first time. Allow for extra time - emerging independence often takes a little longer and that is normal.


And think about what matters most - is it more important that your are using every pipe and ball and tyre swing or that your child can explore their own curiosity and experience a sense of achievement? Is your connection with the child more important to you than a 'productive' play session?

[Photos by Newcastle TimberNook]

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