Where to start with Bush First Aid

While planning for our last school holidays, we talked to some of our staff about the aspects of the curriculum that the children had asked for, enjoyed or developed in previous holiday sessions. We are constantly working to evaluate and reflect on what makes our site unique and reflecting on the resources and experiences we can add to TimberNook Life as the seasons change.

All of our programs feature a range of developmental benefits, and we work to ensure that we are consistently integrating relevant knowledge and skills based on our unique environment.

When we are in the bush, visiting creeks or rivers or beaches, there are inherent risks that comes with these environments. At Timbernook, our goal is to provide a safe environment for children to introduce themselves to these risks while providing support and structure for children a families to develop risk management strategies and simple first aid skills.

How do we introduce these skills?

Welcome to the TimberNook Hospital in the Bush!

This series’ hospital and first aid themes provide children with a number of meaningful play opportunities. The range of experiences and activities will challenges children’s strength, coordination and balance as well as their social and cognitive skills.

As we encourage children to practice teamwork skills, they will practice listening to other children’s ideas, requesting assistance from peers, and respecting personal space while working together, learning the value and the importance of helping others in need.


What challenges might you encounter outdoors?

At Newcastle Timbernook we may find ourselves faced with difficult terrain, natural elements such as water and fire, and also other living things including the local plant life and animals such as snakes and spiders.

By leading regular discussions around how to identify these challenges, as well as introducing these risks in a controlled environment we are able to inspire children through developing confidence to be able to cope with challenging situations, contributing to their well-being.


Bush first aid is introduced as we explore activities such as bandaging, making splints and making stretchers. Not only do these activities develop children's awareness and knowledge of first aid processes but also allows unique physical and sensory experiences, developing communication and collaboration skills supporting children's independence.

Children also have the opportunity to communicate with the group about their ideas for their hospital, making salves, and “treating” each other for minor first aid. There will be lots of creativity and problem solving taking place as children create a plan for their hospital building and work as team to execute their plan.

We would love to offer the opportunity for families to learn more about bush first aid, we would love to see comments or questions about resources, risk minimisation, or general questions about introducing first aid with children, so please do not hesitate to comment below!

[Photos by Newcastle TimberNook]

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